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THK Linear Slide Rail

According to engineering practice, if the linear slide rail is used with a ball screw, its specifications should be similar to the outer diameter of the ball screw. For example, if the diameter of the ball screw is 20mm, the linear slide rail of 20 specifications is used. The number of sliders usually depends on the load status or the designer's experience. So we have to learn the basic selection of THK linear slide rail.

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      There are a lot of linear slide manufacturers on the market, so how do we face so many linear slide rail

 manufacturers to choose the high-quality and durable linear slide rail? Here I will introduce you to the

 basic selection of linear slide rail for your reference. Learn.


       The first time we choose the linear slide rail, we must be careful not only to consider the price, but

 also to consider the performance of the linear slide rail. At this point, the user must know that the price of

 one point, the cheap linear slide rail, the quality and performance of the product will not be too good.


       Linear slide rails are not just about choosing some big brands, because big brands will not be able to

 represent linear slide rail type products. It is very unwise for consumers to blindly choose the linear slide

 product brand. The selection of the linear slide rail is very important. The specifications of the linear slide

 rail are different for different manufacturers. It is recommended that consumers do not choose some. The

 non-standard linear slide rail avoids problems for itself and recommends that consumers prefer a linear

 slide rail production facility with supply capabilities.

       What are the differences between THK linear slide rail products?

       The THK linear slide rail consists of two parts, a slider and a slide rail, which contains internally

 circulating balls or rollers. The slide rail is a modular component that can be pre-customized. It is a

 separate series of standardized series that can be installed on the machine. It can be removed and

 replaced after wear. Do you know what is different in each THK linear slide rail product? If you don't

 know, it's best to know about it, which will give you a better understanding of the THK linear slide rail and

 make it easier to select linear guides and use linear guides. Here are some of the differences between the

 THK linear slide rail products:




       The THK linear slide rail has a different rating life for each product, and the life of the linear guide is

 generally measured at the same rated load. The life of the ball used in the THK linear slide rail is the

 rolling element rating life. Generally, the rated load at the rolling element test is 50Km.


       2. Product accuracy

       The accuracy of each THK linear slide rail is differentiated by grade. Generally, linear slides can be

 divided into five types: general, advanced, and precision, which are super-precision and ultra-high

 precision. The precision between each level is very different.


       3. Pre-stress

       The pre-pressure is the pre-pressure of the THK linear slide rail to the steel ball in the slide rail, and

 then the pre-pressure is applied by the negative gap between the inner steel ball and the bead. Such a

 linear slide rail can effectively improve the rigidity and eliminate the gap. . The pre-pressure applied to

 each THK linear slide rail is different, so the stiffness between the linear slide products is differentiated

 according to the amount of clearance eliminated.


       THK linear slide rail If the surface is damaged or damaged inside, please inform the manufacturer in

 time, describe your damage and replace it, so that you can be more assured when using linear slides. If

 you want to know more about linear slides, feel free to ask us and we will help you solve your problem in

 the first time.

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