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THK Linear Slide Block

THK linear slide block is a linear precision transmission device, which is used in many mechanical equipment, automatic equipment, medical equipment, printing equipment, automated non-standard machinery and other industries.

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        Speaking of the installation of the THK linear slide block, it is very convenient, because

 no matter which product you chose before, as long as there are specifications, you can find

 the product you want. Each manufacturer produces a model with a different name but its

 specifications. It is the national standard. As long as the specifications are correct, there is

 no problem. The installation hole spacing is the same. Generally, the installation of the

 guide rail is to open a slot on the equipment used, and then according to the size of the

 track and then the hole spacing of the track, and then tapping the wire tap, then It can be

 fixed with the opposite screws. The solid guide rail adopts the steel ball protection

 device. For the convenience of installation, the block can be directly pulled down, and then

 the track is fixed and the block is slowly put back into the track, which will not affect its


        THK linear slide block installation notes:

        1. Carefully check for bumps or rust before installation. The rust preventive oil should

 be cleaned when preparing for installation, and the burrs, dirt and impact projections on the

 surface of the equipment should be removed.

        2. The roughness of the main THK linear slide mounting base is measured by laser

 interferometer. The flatness is allowed to be 0.05mm per 10m, the full stroke straightness

 and roughness requirement is 1.6, and the appearance has no casting defects.

        3. THK linear slide installation of the base surface locking thread hole, to confirm the

 correct position of the installation screw hole, the center distance of each connected screw

 hole is more than 0.1mm or less than 0.1mm; to ensure high precision screw hole

 processing , requires the use of CNC equipment positioning processing.

        4. THK linear slide When chamfering the mounting surface and the guide side

 mounting surface, the chamfer radius is less than or equal to 3.5mm.

        5. When calibrating, it is necessary to use two equal-weight blocks and a marble

 measuring ruler on the mounting base surface, and put the precision level to adjust the

 base level. The requirement is that the base is convex (2~3 grids).

        Another effect of the THK linear slide block is that it can directly transfer the force

 generated by the movement of the train or the cutting of the machine to the foundation or

 our bed. In fact, we can directly reduce the impact of this, for our passengers and their

 impact on the whole machine. Furthermore, we actually need to understand that for most

 activities, in most cases, it will actually be a straight line. However, we can't really say that

 the motion of the linear guide is certain. In fact, there is a small amount of motion for the

 arc. To be precise, the focus of our current review is actually the linear guide system.

 However, in terms of its fundamental aspect, as far as its linear guide itself is concerned, in

 terms of its many techniques, it can be applied directly to our curved guide rails.


       THK linear slide blocks are generally divided into two categories, namely square rails

 and circular rails. Circular guides are the first to appear, but they are less accurate than

 square guides. However, the circular guide is ideal for vertical heavy loads. Which linear

 guide is used should be determined according to the actual rail application requirements.

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