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THK Linear Roller Guides

THK linear roller guides (one of the two-axis guides) is driven by the slider wheel. The number of rollers is usually between 3 and 5, because the more the number of rollers, the heavier the load.

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        With the advancement of industrial technology civilization, the new power development brought

 about. From traditional manufacturing reforms to smart manufacturing today. I have to say the pace of

 the times and have taken a big step towards the world. Especially in mobile phones, 3C digital, computer,

 portable, the process is more and more advanced, are ultra-thin. However, the production of these and

 indispensable transmission components, then where are these functions?


        THK linear roller guides are available in four directions and are designed with a ball cage retainer.

 When the slider is released from the slide rail, the steel ball is not dropped, and the patented reflow

 design provides good smoothness.

        1. The difference between the THK roller linear guide and the THK ball linear guide:

        1). The relative characteristics of the two:

        The roller linear guide has a gap between the roller and the guide rail with respect to the ball straight

 nut, so that the gap is zero.

        However, the slider and the guide rail of the ball linear guide cannot be disassembled, and once

 disassembled, the balls on the slider may fall off.


        2). Comparison of the accuracy of the two:

        The material of the ball linear guide is mainly made of carbon steel, so it is more suitable for high-

precision long-distance transmission components. The track of the roller linear guide is made of aluminum

 alloy, and the rigidity is not as good as that of the ball linear guide. It is suitable for the operation of

 mechanical parts with high precision requirements.


        3). Price comparison between the two:

        The price of the roller linear guide is half the price of the ball linear guide.

        2.Structure and features of THK linear roller guides

       THK linear roller guides use a knot with two rolling surfaces in a small-volume body to withstand

 loads in all directions. For space-saving parts or parts with torque, you can use only single-axis. Moreover,

 the use of the ball retainer eliminates the friction between the steel balls, thus achieving excellent high

 speed, low noise, good sound quality, long service life and long-term operation without maintenance.

       1). Less dust and rust

       The use of a ball retainer eliminates friction between the steel balls and improves grease retention,

 thus reducing dust generation. In addition, the LM block and the LM rail use stainless steel with high

 corrosion resistance.


       2). Miniaturization

       The SRS type rail section height is controlled to be low, and a small structure of one steel ball column

 on the left and right sides can be installed in a space where space is required.


       3). Lightweight

       Since a part of the SRS type LM block (such as around the rear hole of the steel ball) is made of a resin

 material and processed by an insert molding technique, weight reduction and low inertia are achieved.


       4). Interchangeability

       Through precise production process and quality control, interchangeable products can be provided,

 and sliders and slide rails can be purchased separately according to customer needs, which increases

 maintenance convenience.


       5). Smoothness

       The patented reflow design and special grinding process in the factory provide good smoothness. The

 reflow accessory of synthetic resin can reduce the noise generated by reflow, and the lubrication circuit

 can be designed to achieve perfect lubrication.

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