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THK Linear Profile Rail

With the development of the industrial automation revolution, a new empire was born. Today we will tell you the history of the THK linear profile rail.

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       History of THK linear profile rail

       With the development of the industrial automation revolution, a new empire was born. Today we will

 tell you the history of the THK linear profile rail.


       1. Process requirements

       Since the 1990s, people's awareness of global environmental protection has increased, and various

 industrial products have developed in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner. In the design

 concept of linear drive products, of course, we must meet the requirements of the times. From 1990 to

 1999, in the world's three major machine tool exhibitions (EMO, Chicago Exhibition, JIMTOF exhibition),

 the products have become high-speed, high-precision, composite, environmentally friendly products.

 Since 1930, the ball screw has been applied to the steering mechanism of the steering wheel of the car.

 Since 1971, the linear trajectory has been improved and formed. How to introduce the concept of

 environmental protection into the development of ball screws and linear guides is a very important topic.


       2.History and development of THK linear profile rail

       Before the birth of the linear profile rail, the motion pattern of the mechanical part can be roughly

 divided into three parts:

       A. Rotating motion (for example: ball bearing)

       B. Linear motion (example: linear axis)

       C. Engine piston

       Since the invention of the bearing 115 years ago, the rotary motion in the rolling contact mode has

 greatly reduced the frictional resistance, reduced the energy loss, and obtained superior performance.

 The most important thing for linear motion is that THK Japan successfully developed a revolutionary

 linear profile rail series in 1972, rolling contact instead of sliding contact, and quickly joined linear motion

 machinery because of its unique product features and advantages. The application, because other new

 manufacturers enter the emerging market, they standardize the product size and thickness, so the THK

 linear profile rail has a common standard for uniform size. So far, new application methods have been

 developed and the market is growing steadily year by year.


       3.THK linear profile rail structure and materials

       The THK linear profile rail consists mainly of two parts: the slide rail and the slider. The material of the

 slide rail and the slider is chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, the alloy steel No. CF53 (DIN), the slide rail is

 formed by cold drawing, the slider is forged, and the surface is heat-treated by the medium-wave surface,

 the hardness reaches hrc58-60 degrees, and then passes through the precision. The grinding process

 achieves high precision products. The slider is mainly composed of a metal body, a plastic body, a wiper

 blade, an upper and lower retainer and a steel ball.

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