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THK Linear Motion Slides

The length of the THK linear motion slides is designed according to the movement stroke of the load. The larger the stroke of the load, the longer the length of the required guide rail. Usually the length of the rail is selected after determining that the load needs to travel.

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        THK linear motion slides length selection method:

        1. Some principles of length selection

        Under the premise of meeting the required movement stroke, according to the standard length

 specified by the manufacturer, this is similar to the stroke selection method of the cylinder. Generally,

 linear guides are manufactured according to the length of the factory at the time of shipment, and are cut

 at the time of sale according to the length required by the user. A series of screw mounting holes are

 designed on the guide rail according to a certain hole pitch. The remaining part of the guide rail needs to

 be easily cut out, and the material is saved as much as possible. The length of the guide rail is calculated

 according to the model principle.


        2. Load direction and carrying capacity

        THK linear motion slides The load that mechanical equipment may be subjected to during use: the

 compressive load perpendicular to the mounting surface above the slider, we are generally referred to as

 the radial load, and the load opposite to this direction is collectively referred to as the reverse radial load,

 and the slider The load parallel to the upper mounting surface is commonly referred to as the lateral load.

 Only knowledge that masters these length choices can be better applied to the process of purchase and


        How to check the accuracy of THK linear motion slides:

        1. Basic principles for measuring THK linear motion slides


        The measurement basis for the straightness error can be arbitrarily selected, and the evaluation

 criteria should conform to the principle of the minimum condition. That is to say, when measuring the

 accuracy of the guide rail, two parallel ideal straight lines must be used to accommodate the actual

 contour of the tested guide rail and minimize the distance between the ideal straight lines. Then the

 distance between the two ideal lines, called the rail containment line, is the straightness error of the

 measured rail.


        Regardless of how the rating basis translates the principle that the direction of measurement of the

 invention award remains the same. The principle is that the measurement direction reflected by the

 measurement reading should always be perpendicular to the measurement reference, and the coordinate

 distance between the two containment lines should be used. It should not be converted due to the

 evaluation reference, causing a slight tilt between the evaluation standards to change direction.


       After the THK linear motion slides are only used for several pitches of equal pitch, the horizontal or

 other precision angle measuring instruments are used to connect the support points end to end, and

 move along the measurement direction to measure the relative level of each gear. The tilt angle of the

 selected zero position (measurement reference, horizontal line).


      2. Compared with the sliding ball screw, the driving torque is 1/3. There are many balls between the

 screw shaft and the nut of the ball screw for rolling motion, so it can get higher motion efficiency.

 Compared with the past sliding screw pair, the driving torque is less than 1/3, that is, the power required

 to achieve the same motion result is 1/3 of the use of the rolling screw pair.


      3. high precision guarantee

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