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THK Linear Motion Rails And Blocks

The THK linear motion rails and blocks system is designed to maximize the contact area between the fixed component and the moving component, which not only increases the load carrying capacity of the system, but also withstands the impact force generated by intermittent cutting or gravity cutting, so that the force is widely spread. The area of bearing capacity has been expanded.

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Product Details

     The use of THK linear motion rails and blocks is very flexible because it uses a rolling method, which 

 greatly reduces the friction between the carrier and the track, so that the carrier can be linearly moved

 regularly, and the track The hazard is also small and, more importantly, it can withstand relatively large



       During installation, even if the mounting surface is not absolutely flat, it will not affect the installation.

 This is mainly because the steel balls of the THK linear motion rails can be moved and elastically

 deformed, and the contact portion between the guide rail and the mounting surface can be transferred

 within a certain range. The self-aligning capability of the THK linear motion rails allows the loader to slide

 freely on the track. The resistance is small and the motion accuracy is high.


       THK linear motion rails are interchangeable. At present, Tlinear motion rails are produced with

 relevant standards, and the dimensional error should meet the standard requirements. In addition, the

 slider of the guide rail is designed with a retainer to prevent the steel ball from slipping off the track.


       In general, for a series of THK linear motion rails, the accuracy can be used interchangeably within this

 series. That is to say, although the guide rail and the slider are a whole, the user can order separately

 according to actual needs when ordering, which is more important in the later use. If something goes

 wrong, replace the broken part.

       The function of the THK linear motion blocks is to support and guide the moving parts to make a

 reciprocating linear motion in a given direction.

       The THK linear motion blocks place rolling elements such as balls, rollers, and needle rollers between

 the guide surfaces to make the sliding friction between the guide surfaces become rolling friction.

       With the continuous development of modern manufacturing technology, the traditional

 manufacturing industry has undergone tremendous changes. Numerical control technology, mechatronics

 and industrial robots have been more widely used in production. At the same time, the positioning

 accuracy, guiding precision and feed speed of the mechanical transmission mechanism are constantly

 increasing, and the traditional THK linear motion blocks guiding mechanism has undergone major


       The performance characteristics of the THK linear motion blocks, the movement of the rolling linear

 guide is realized by the rolling of the steel ball, the frictional resistance of the guide rail is small, the

 difference between the static and dynamic frictional resistance is small, and the crawling is not easy at low

 speed. Repeated positioning accuracy is suitable for moving parts that are frequently activated or

 reversed. The machine positioning accuracy can be set to the ultra-micron level. At the same time,

 according to the need, the preload is appropriately increased to ensure that the steel ball does not slip,

 achieve smooth motion, and reduce the impact and vibration of the motion. For fluid lubrication of the

 sliding guide surface, the motion accuracy error caused by the floating of the oil film is unavoidable. In

 most cases, fluid lubrication is limited to the boundary area, and direct friction caused by metal contact is

 unavoidable, in which a large amount of energy is wasted by friction loss.

      Due to the strict control of production precision, THK linear motion blocks can be kept at a certain

 level, and the slider has a retainer design to prevent the steel balls from falling off. Therefore, some series

 of precisions are interchangeable, and customers can order them as needed. THK linear motion rails and

 blocks can also store linear motion rails and blocks separately to reduce storage space.

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