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THK Linear Guideway

Why does the intermediate medium need not be used between the moving and fixed elements of the THK linear guideway?

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     The THK linear guideway has the guiding skill of the fine workpiece table. The primary effect of the linear

 guideway is to support and guide the moving parts along a certain orbital motion, which is the basis for

 the linear motion of the workpiece table. Because of the four arrangements with good balance, sufficient

 preload can be applied, and the rigidity can be increased simply. In addition, the strength of the

 mounting screws and the LM block has been enhanced, and there are numerous practical effects in

 heavy-duty cutting machines.

   1. Automatic adjustment capability of the THK linear guideway

      The effect of the automatic adjustment capability by the front surface combination (DF combination)     of the circular groove allows the device error to be absorbed even if the preload is applied, so that a   smooth and stable linear motion with high precision can be obtained.

    2.Inferior durability of the THK linear guideway

    Even if there is preload or partial load, there will be no differential sliding of the ball, thus adhering to a

 smooth rolling motion. Therefore, it has excellent wear resistance and can maintain high precision

 temporarily. When the working part of the machine tool moves, the steel ball circulates in the groove of

 the bracket, and the wear amount of the bracket is distributed to each steel ball, thereby extending the

 service life of the THK linear guideway. In order to eliminate the gap between the bracket and the guide

 rail, the preloading can improve the stability of the linear rail system and obtain the preload. An oversized

 steel ball is placed between the rail and the bracket. The steel ball has a diameter tolerance of ±20 μm, 

 and the steel balls are sorted and classified into 0.5 μm increments, and are respectively mounted on the

 linear guide rails. The magnitude of the preload is determined by the force acting on the steel balls. If the

 force acting on the steel ball is too large, the steel ball is subjected to the preloading time for too long,

 resulting in an increase in the kinematic resistance of the bracket. Here is a problem of balance; in order

 to improve the sensitivity of the system, reduce the resistance to motion, correspondingly reduce the

 preload, and in order to improve the accuracy of motion accuracy and accuracy, it is required to have

 sufficient pre-added negative numbers, which is contradictory two aspect.

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