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THK Linear Guides And Rails

THK linear slides are our usual THK linear guides and rails.

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        1.THK linear guides and rails features

        Although the THK linear guides and rails system is available in a variety of forms, the nature of the

 work is the same, and the machine tool components move on the designated rail system, as if the train

 travels in the specified direction along the rail. It mainly reflects the following three basic functions:


        (1) guiding the movement of the carrier;


        (2) providing a smooth moving surface for the carrier;


        (3) Transfer the force generated by the cutting of the machine tool to the foundation or the bed to

 reduce the impact of the impact on the passively machined parts. Along the movement of the THK linear   guides and rails system,most of them are linear motions, and a few are arc motions. Many techniques for

 linear guides can directly apply curved guides.

       2.Features of THK linear guides and rails

       1)THK linear guides and rails can wear less and maintain accuracy for a long time: 

      The traditional sliding guide will inevitably cause poor platform motion accuracy due to oil film

 backflow, and the lubrication will not be sufficient due to movement, resulting in the operation of the

 track contact surface. Wear and tear, seriously affecting accuracy.


       2)The positioning accuracy of THK linear guides and rails is high: 

       When the THK linear guide is used as the linear guide, since the friction of the THK linear guide is

 rolling friction, not only the friction coefficient is reduced to 1/50 of the sliding guide, but also the

 dynamic friction and the static friction. The gap has also become very small.


       3)THK linear guides and rails are suitable for high-speed motion and greatly reduce the driving

 horsepower required for the machine: 

       Thanks to the small friction of the THK linear guide, the bed can be operated with less power,

 especially in the bed. When the reciprocating operation is repeated, the amount of power loss of the

 machine can be significantly reduced.


       4)THK linear guides and rails can simultaneously withstand the load in the up, down, left and right


       Due to the special beam structure design of the THK linear guide, the load in the up, down, left and

 right directions can be simultaneously accepted, unlike the sliding guide in the direction of the parallel

 contact surface. The lateral load tolerated is light, which may cause poor running accuracy of the machine.

       5)The lubrication structure of THK linear guides and rails is simple: 

       If the sliding guide is insufficiently lubricated, it will cause the contact surface metal to directly rub the

 bed, and the sliding guide should be lubricated enough. It is necessary to drill holes in the appropriate

 position of the bed. oil. The THK linear guide has a grease nipple on the slider. It can be directly greased

 with a grease gun. It can also be replaced with a special oil pipe joint to connect the oil supply pipe to the

 automatic oil supply machine for lubrication.


       6)The assembly of THK linear guides and rails is easy and interchangeable: 

       THK linear guides and rails are interchangeable and can be replaced with sliders or slides or even THK

 linear guide sets, allowing the machine to regain high-precision guidance.

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