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THK Linear Guide Rail

The THK linear guide rail is an upgrade of the guide rail. It uses a small compressor with a power source of air compressor to generate power through the air compressor to compress the air.

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        There are also a variety of THK linear guide rails, such as pneumatic wrenches and pneumatic

 screwdrivers for large screw unloading, pneumatic grinders, pneumatic angle grinders, pneumatic

 engraving machines, etc. used in polishing, grinding and grinding applications, for automotive

 applications. Pneumatic polishing machine, pneumatic waxing machine, etc. in the beauty field.

       Then THK linear guide rail has the advantages of high power, low carbon, environmental protection,

 easy operation and not easy to cause harm to users. In addition, THK linear guide rail is widely used in

 some non-static rooms or clean rooms. The electronic production line needs static-free equipment to

 work. In order to prevent static electricity and reduce product damage, THK linear guide rail can help you

 solve these concerns.


       People working in the machinery industry, dealing with parts all day, certainly have a thorough

 understanding of the various parts of the machine, as long as the machine makes a little abnormal sound

 will definitely know which part has a problem, the mechanics on the machine The operation is well known.

 Recently, many users and friends have said that the advantages of the THK linear guide rail are very large.

 This is very agreeable.


      There are several reasons why the THK linear guide rail has been recognized in the industry:

       1. Excellent THK linear guide diagram.

       2. replace the THK linear guide rail is a high-load part, mainly responsible for the mechanical size of

 the precision feed, reset function, do not underestimate the THK linear guide rail, it is the core part of the

 machine, in operation, Running in a bass or silent state reduces both the noise in the workshop and the

 good working environment.

       3. THK linear guide rail's excellence is reflected in the processing accuracy, even for years of use, its

 slides and slides without any signs of wear, dimensional accuracy is more stable.


       This proves that the THK linear guide rail has indeed played a big role in the industry, bringing convenience to our mechanical workers.

       So how to install such a sophisticated THK linear guide rail part? Is it easy to install? The following

 small handbook teaches you how to install the THK linear guide rail.


       1.The burrs, impurities, dirt and scratches on the mechanical mounting surface must be removed

 before installation.


       2. The slide rails are gently placed on the bed, and the distribution screws are lightly tightened so that

 the reference surface of the slide rail and the mounting surface can be gently pressed. Both sides of the

 THK linear slide are reference planes and do not require special reference marks.


       3. The positioning screws of the slide rails are tightened in order, so that the rails are closely

 connected with the lateral mounting faces.


       4.Use a wrench to tighten the assembled screws. The order of screwing is to tighten from the middle

 to the end, so that the installation will be more secure.


       5.Use a torque wrench to slowly tighten the set screws of the slide rails to the specified torque.


       In fact, installing the THK linear guide rail is not as troublesome as you might think, but be careful and

 careful during installation. Remember to tighten the screws where they need to be tightened so that they

 can be safer when used.

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