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THK Linear Guide Bearing

The THK linear guide bearing plays a supporting role when the shaft rotates. The THK linear guide bearing has a ball or roller type device that reduces friction.

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       What is the relationship between the shaft and the THK linear guide bearing?

       The THK linear guide bearing plays a supporting role when the shaft rotates. The THK

 linear guide bearing has a ball or roller type device that reduces friction.


       A shaft is a cylindrical object that is worn in the middle of a bearing or in the middle of a

 wheel or in the middle of a gear, but a few are square. A shaft is a mechanical part that

 supports a rotating part and rotates therewith to transmit motion, torque or bending

 moments. Generally, it is a metal rod shape, and each segment can have a different diameter.

 The parts of the machine that make a swivel motion are mounted on the shaft.


       THK linear guide bearing bearing function:

       In terms of its role, it should be support, that is, literal interpretation is used for the

 bearing shaft, but this is only part of its function, and its essence is to be able to bear the

 radial load. It can also be understood that it is used to fix the shaft. The THK linear guide

 bearing is a fixed shaft that allows it to rotate only while controlling its axial and radial

 movement. If the motor has no bearings, it will not work at all. Because the shaft can move in

 any direction, and the motor requires the shaft to rotate only when it is working. In theory, it

 is impossible to realize the function of the transmission. In addition, the bearing will also

 affect the transmission. In order to reduce this effect, good lubrication must be achieved on

 the bearings of the high-speed shaft. Some bearings have been lubricated, called pre-

lubricated bearings. Most bearings must have lubricating oil, which is responsible for not only

 increasing energy consumption due to friction during high-speed operation, but also

 horrifying is that it is easy to damage the bearing. The idea of turning sliding friction into

 rolling friction is one-sided because there is something called a sliding bearing.



       Lubrication of rolling bearings reduces friction and wear inside the bearing, prevents

 burning; prolongs its service life; discharges friction heat and cooling, prevents bearing

 overheating, prevents aging of lubricating oil itself, and prevents foreign matter from

 intruding into the bearing or preventing rust and corrosion. The effect.


       Lubrication method:

       The lubrication method of THK linear guide bearing is divided into grease lubrication and

 oil lubrication. In order for the THK linear guide bearing to function well, first of all, it is

 necessary to select a lubrication method suitable for the conditions of use and purpose of

 use. Lubricity of oil lubrication predominates if only lubrication is considered. However, grease

 lubrication has the advantage of simplifying the structure around the bearing and comparing

 the advantages and disadvantages of grease lubrication and oil lubrication. Pay special

 attention to the amount of lubrication, whether it is oil lubrication or grease lubrication, too

 little lubrication does not fully affect the bearing life, too much amount will produce large

 resistance, affecting the speed.



       THK linear guide bearing seals can be divided into self-contained seals and external seals.

 The so-called bearing self-contained seal is to manufacture the bearing itself into a device

 with sealing performance. Such as bearings with dust cover, sealing ring and so on. The

 sealing space is small, the installation and disassembly are convenient, and the cost is

 relatively low. The so-called bearing-inserted sealing performance device is a sealing device

 having various properties manufactured inside a mounting end cap or the like. Bearings and

 seals are divided into non-contact seals and contact seals. Among them, the non-contact seal

 is suitable for high speed and high temperature applications, and has different structure

 forms such as gap type, labyrinth and washer type. Contact seals are suitable for medium and

 low speed working conditions, and are commonly used in the form of felt seals and cup seals.


       According to the working condition of the THK linear guide bearing and the working

 environment, the sealing degree is often used in engineering design to achieve better sealing

 effect. The choice of bearing seals should consider the following main factors:

       1, THK linear guide bearing lubricants and types (grease and lubricant).

       2, THK linear guide bearing working environment, occupying the size of the space.

       3. Advantages of the support structure of the shaft, allowing angular deviation.

       4. The circumferential speed of the sealing surface.

       5, THK linear guide bearing operating temperature.

       6. Manufacturing costs.


       I think that the shaft and the THK linear guide bearing have a static fit relationship in the

 assembly. The shaft is supported by the bearing to be able to move in that direction, and the

 shaft can be rotated by the bearing characteristic. From the name, the bearing is the bearing


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