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THK Linear Block

The THK linear block is one of the core components of the device, and its function is to guide and support. In order to ensure high machining accuracy of the machine, the linear guide rail is required to have high guiding precision and good motion stability.

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        THK linear block is a very high-precision tool in the automation industry, which requires the support

 of the fixed components of the THK rail slider itself, so it is very important to say that its own fixed


         What is the function of the fixed original of the linear guide? In fact, this is very simple. The guide rail

 has no mounting holes. If it is not fixed, the guide rail will run. The fixed original will play a fixed rail

 without shaking and shaking.

         A linear guide can be understood as a kind of rolling guide, which is an infinite rolling cycle between

 the block and the guide rail, so that the load platform can easily move linearly along the guide rail with

 high precision, and the friction coefficient is reduced to the ordinary conventional sliding guide. One-fifth

 of the size can easily achieve high positioning accuracy. The design of the block and the end of the rails

 allows the linear guides to withstand loads in both directions, up and down, and the patented reflow

 system and simplified structural design allow the THK linear block to have smoother and less noisy



        In order to facilitate the splicing and debugging of the precision THK linear block, we divide the

 process into two steps of coarse tuning on the precision guide rail. THK linear block coarse adjustment

 We use the wire drawing method, a block is placed on the rail, and a reading microscope with a scale is

 also installed on the block. The lens of the microscope should be aligned with a wire with a diameter of

 0.3 mm, and the lens is placed vertically. Fix the steel wire at one end of the rail, and hang a heavy

 hammer through the pulley at the other end, then adjust the ends of the steel wire so that the wire

 overlaps the scribe line on the lens when the microscope is at both ends of the rail. At this point, the wire

 is already an ideal straight line in the horizontal plane, in other words a reference. Move the slider to

 check the straightness of any position on the rail and adjust it until the full length of the rail is within the

 range of 0.3mm in the horizontal plane. Then, use the matching method to install the precision guide rail.

 At this time, the straightness of the precision guide rail in the horizontal plane is within the range of 0.3

 mm, which brings convenience for further adjustment.


       Compared with the planar guide rail, the geometry of the cross section of the linear guide is more

 complicated than that of the flat guide. The reason for the complexity is that the groove needs to be

 machined on the guide rail to facilitate the movement of the sliding element. The shape and number of

 the groove depend on the machine tool to be completed. The function. Instead of an intermediate

 medium between the moving element and the fixed element of the linear guide, a rolling steel ball is

 used. Because the rolling steel ball is suitable for high-speed movement, small friction coefficient and

 high sensitivity, it can meet the working requirements of moving parts, such as tool holders and carriages

 of machine tools. The basic function of the fixed element (rail) of the linear guide system is like a bearing

 ring, a bracket for mounting a steel ball, and the shape is a "v" shape. The bracket wraps around the top

 and sides of the rail.

       How to install THK linear block


       First step:

       The burrs, dirt and surface scratches on the mechanical mounting surface must be removed before

 installing the linear guide.

       Note: THK linear block is coated with anti-rust oil before the official installation. Please clean the

 reference surface with cleaning oil before installation. Usually, after the anti-rust oil is removed, the

 reference surface is more likely to rust, so it is recommended to apply. Lubricating oil for the spindle with

 lower viscosity.


       The second step:

       Gently place the main rail on the bed and use a side fixing screw or other fixing fixture to gently fit the

 rail to the side mounting surface.

       Note: Before installation, please make sure that the screw holes are in agreement. If the working holes

 of the base are not matched and the bolts are forcibly locked, the combination accuracy and quality of

 use will be greatly affected.


       Third step:

       Slightly tighten the positioning screws of the slide rails from the center to the sides to make the rails

 slightly fit the vertical mounting surface. The order is tight from the center position to the ends to obtain

 a more stable accuracy. After the vertical reference surface is slightly tightened, the locking force of the

 lateral reference surface is strengthened, so that the main rail can be surely fitted to the lateral reference



       The fourth step:

       Use a torque wrench to slowly tighten the positioning screws of the slide rail according to the

 tightening torque of various materials.


       The fifth step:

       Install the sub-rails in the same way as the installation, and install the slides individually to the main

 and sub-rails.

       Note that after the THK linear block is installed on the slide, many subsequent accessories cannot be

 installed due to limited installation space. It is necessary to install the required accessories at this stage.

 (The attachment may be a grease nipple, a tubing joint, or a dustproof system.)

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