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THK Linear Bearing Rail

THK Linear Bearing Rail

The linear bearing rail mainly consists of a slider and a bearing rail, and the slider is mainly applied to the sliding friction guide.

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       1.Tips for use of THK linear bearing rails

       Since linear bearing rails are classified as high-precision mechanical products, their maintenance

 conditions require special attention:


       1).Japan's THK linear bearing rails have been rust-proofed before leaving the factory, so it is best to

 clean the previous anti-rust oil before the customer uses it, and then immediately add the lubricant, once

 the user does not fill the lubricant As the linear guides and sliders rust, we will not be able to provide you

 with a free warranty.


       2).If you have purchased THK products from Japan and have not used them within one month, please

 do not use rust-preventing treatments, and follow the changes in local weather and temperature to

 properly change the cycle time of anti-rust treatment.


       3).The sliders of the linear bearing rails have self-lubricating sliders (depending on the model and

 specifications), which can greatly reduce the use of lubricants and reduce the number of maintenance, but

 please check the running status of the products regularly, if it is a straight line The surface of the bearing

 rail is not covered with lubricating oil. Please fill it immediately. If there is dust and contamination on the

 surface of the linear bearing rail and the slider, please clean it with kerosene and then add the lubricant.

       2.How to fix the accuracy of THK linear bearing rails

       It is difficult to completely repair the accuracy of the THK linear bearing rail. However, if you just want

 to make it more accurate than the current one, there is still a way to be feasible.


       1)If the two linear bearing rails are used in pairs, first loosen the two sliders on one of the guide rails

 and the assembly screws of the table. Push the slider from the outer side of the rail by hand while locking

 and sliding. The screw on the block. The other slider is still working. Then the other side rail is preloaded,

 the method is the same as above, but this requires two people to operate. You push the slider here, one

 pushes the work on the other side. Taiwan, push against you.


       2).This method uses the combined position of the four sliders to eliminate the gap. After the

 operation is completed, you need to try the smoothness of the workbench. The next method is more

 professional, that is, to change the steel ball inside the slider. The rod is relatively simple. As far as the

 screw is a double nut, it is very good. Just thicken the pre-pressure washer. Loosen and remove the

 positioning button on the double nut. Take out the preload. Washer (two and a half circles), the simple

 method is to attach the paper on the top and then plug it back. You can choose the thickness of the

 paper according to the tightness of the screw. If it is a single screw, it is more troublesome. Simpler The

 solution is to add preload.

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