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THK Linear Ball Guide

THK linear ball guide is driven by the steel ball in the slider, and the steel ball is smaller but the number is larger.

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       1.What is THK linear ball guide

       Strengthening the development of the CNC industry is an urgent task. Today, the competition is so

 fierce, the weak meat is strong, and once it can't keep up, it will be eliminated. Especially foreign

 technology is so advanced, so we can't stop the pace, otherwise it will be overwhelmed. At this stage,

 the application of linear slides for machine tool components is inevitable, and problems will inevitably

 occur. Therefore, we need continuous improvement and optimization. Today I will lead you to the new

 THK linear ball guide.


       The THK linear ball guide replaces the steel ball with a rolling element as a rolling element. This is a

 principle mode designed to achieve ultra-high rigidity and heavy load capacity: rolling is achieved by

 rolling contact between the sliding rail and the slider. The body will only produce slight elastic

 deformation when subjected to high loads. Through the realization of ultra-high stiffness, the machining

 accuracy is greatly improved, thereby achieving high precision requirements. Taking into account the

 heavy load characteristics of the linear slide, the service life of the linear slide is extended.


       The return module of the THK linear ball guide has obtained many national patents at this stage, and

 the rolling ball-shaped rolling body can smoothly perform infinite circulation motion. And the use of

 advanced finite elements to analyze the structural strength, thus summarizing the optimal design of the

 structure between the slider and the slide.


       The THK linear ball guide can withstand loads in the up, down, left and right directions, making the

 linear slides capable of exceeding high loads. Because linear guides and ball-type linear rails have a

 small volume under the same load conditions, they can withstand the ability to exceed the load.

         2.THK linear ball guide has good load bearing capacity

         The THK linear ball guide is mainly composed of main components such as guide rails, sliders, ball

 bearings, retaining rings, end caps, baffles and gaskets. The holder is mounted between each sphere and

 is equally spaced. End caps are located at the ends of the slider to provide reflow, chip removal and

 lubrication. The baffle is divided into upper and lower baffles to function as fixed ball bearings; the

 gasket includes end faces, side faces and internal gaskets for dust protection.


         During operation, the slider reciprocates linearly along the guide rail, and the rail surface and the

 rail surface between the balls maintain the maintenance characteristics of the runway maintenance

 personnel under continuous circular motion, thereby achieving relative motion and guidance between

 the sliders.

         The THK linear ball guide is a new type of reciprocating linear motion rolling bearing. Rolling

 friction instead of sliding friction avoids direct contact between the rail and the slider, avoiding rolling

 between the rail and the slider.


         The friction coefficient of the THK linear ball guide is about -1 of the sliding guide rail, which not

 only improves the moving speed of the slider, but also ensures the running accuracy of the slider and

 prolongs the service life of the THK linear ball guide. When the preload is applied, the gap can be

 eliminated and the rigidity accuracy can be improved. It has the function of automatic centering and

 automatic compensation of the mounting base error.


         Due to its high overall running accuracy, it can be made into high-precision, high-performance

 machinery. In addition, due to the linear rolling guide pair has a good correction and leveling function.

 The bearing retention point THK linear ball guide has good bearing performance and can withstand

 forces and torque loads from top to bottom, left to right, top to bottom, left to right, and rolling torque.

 Therefore, it has good load adaptability. Appropriate preloading in design and manufacturing can

 increase damping, improve vibration resistance, and eliminate high frequency vibration.


        3.THK linear ball guide also has good interchangeability

        It is easy to form standardized and serialized, which can be produced by professional manufacturers

 in batches, which is convenient for users to choose and shorten design time.

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