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THK Linear Ball Bearing Slide

Today, I will lead you to learn about the new THK linear ball bearing slide.

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       1.What is THK linear ball bearing slide

       Strengthening the development of the CNC industry is an urgent task. Today, the competition is so

 fierce, the weak meat is strong, and once it can't keep up, it will be eliminated. Especially foreign

 technology is so advanced, so we can't stop the pace, otherwise it will be overwhelmed. At this stage, the

 application of linear slides for machine tool components is inevitable, and problems will inevitably occur.

 Therefore, we need continuous improvement and optimization.


       The THK linear ball bearing slide replaces the steel ball with a rolling behavior rolling element, which is

 a principle mode designed to achieve ultra-high rigidity and heavy load capacity: through the linear

 contact between the sliding rail and the slider The rolling elements only produce slight elastic

 deformation when subjected to high loads. Through the realization of ultra-high stiffness, the machining

 accuracy is greatly improved, thereby achieving high precision requirements. Taking into account the

 heavy load characteristics of the linear ball bearing slide, the service life of the linear slide is extended.


       The return module of THK linear ball bearing slide has obtained many national patents at this stage,

 and the rolling ball body can smoothly perform infinite cyclic motion. And the use of advanced finite

 elements to analyze the structural strength, thus summarizing the optimal design of the structure

 between the slider and the slide.


       The THK linear ball bearing slide can withstand loads in the up, down, left and right directions, making

 the linear slides capable of exceeding high loads. Because linear guides and ball-type linear rails have a

 small volume under the same load conditions, they can withstand the ability to exceed the load.

       2.What are the materials of THK linear ball bearing slide?

       1). Cast iron has good wear resistance, vibration resistance and process performance. Common types

 of cast iron are;

       (1) Gray cast iron is generally selected from HT200, which is manually scraped with medium precision

 and slow moving speed. Hardness above HB180;

       (2) Inferring cast iron, adding silicon-aluminum inoculant to molten iron, the wear resistance is higher

 than that of gray cast iron;

       (3) Alloy cast iron includes: high-phosphorus cast iron with a content of more than 0.3%, its wear

 resistance is more than double that of inoculated cast iron; the wear resistance of phosphor bronze-

titanium cast iron and vanadium-titanium cast iron is more than twice that of cast iron. Various rare earth

 alloy cast irons have good wear resistance and good mechanical properties.


       Heat treatment of cast iron rails typically includes contact resistance quenching and medium

 frequency induction hardening. The contact resistance is quenched, and the hardened layer is 0.15 to 0.2

 mm. Hardness up to HRC55. Medium and high frequency induction hardening, quenching layer 2~3mm,

 hardness up to HRC48~55, wear resistance can be increased by 2 times. However, the overall length of

 the guide rail is easily deformed, and the corresponding equipment is required to quench the overall



       2). The wear resistance of steel-inlaid steel guide rails is more than 5 times that of cast iron.

 Commonly used steels are: 9Mn2V, CrWMn, GCr15, T8A, 45, 40Cr, etc. After surface quenching or overall

 quenching treatment, the hardness is 52~58HRC. 20Cr, 20CrMnTi, 15 and other carburizing hardened to

 56~62HRC; nitriding treatment of crmoala.


       3). Commonly used non-ferrous metals are brass hpb59-l, tin bronze ZCuSn6Pb3Zn6, aluminum

 bronze zqal9-2, zinc alloy zzn-al10-5, super-hard aluminum LC4, cast aluminum ZL106, etc., among which

 aluminum bronze is better.


       4).plastic lined plastic guide rail has good wear resistance, but slightly lower than aluminum bronze),

 good vibration resistance, suitable working temperature range (-200 ~ + 260 ° C), strong tear resistance,

 dynamic and static friction The coefficient is low, the difference is small, the critical speed of slow motion

 can be reduced, the processing performance and chemical stability are good, the process is simple, and

 the cost is low. At present, there are applications on the guide rails of various types of machine tools and

 on the guide rails of the pattern generator table. Plastic rails are often used with unhardened cast iron


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