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What Is The Effect Of THK Screw On Coordinate Positioning Accuracy?
- Feb 14, 2019 -

What is the effect of THK screw on coordinate positioning accuracy?

          The accuracy of the THK ball screw pair mainly refers to the pitch error and the gap error, which

 are first-order errors. In order to compensate for the pitch error and the gap error of the pitch pair, the

 pitch error compensation function and the gap compensation function of the numerical control system

 must be utilized.

           The pitch error compensation is to measure the positioning error value of a certain distance, and

 supplement the command pulse with a certain accumulated error value, thereby eliminating or reducing

 the accumulated error value of the position.

           In order to facilitate observation and analysis, it is usually necessary to plot the variation of the

 positioning accuracy and determine the number and direction (positive and negative) of the

 compensation pulses according to the changing trend.

           When using pitch error compensation (generally referred to as "spiral compensation"), pay

 attention to the following points: First, pay attention to the development trend of cumulative error;

 secondly, after the backup point passes certain "spiral compensation" characteristics, pay attention

 to automatic translation. "Rotation" should make the positioning accuracy curve have a certain

 "negative value", so that the screw wears when the positioning accuracy curve "rises", and does not

 affect the positioning accuracy.