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What Are The Current Status And Technical Trends Of Ball Screws And Linear Guides?
- Jan 25, 2019 -

    As the world's largest consumer of machine tools, China has developed into a pillar industry. Due to

 the development of the automotive industry, new and higher requirements have been placed on the

 speed and efficiency of machine tools. It is understood that the numerical control rate of Chinese

 machine tools is developing rapidly. The numerical control rate of Japanese machine tools has increased

 from 40% at the beginning to 90% at present. It takes about 15 years. From the perspective of China's

 current development speed, it is estimated that it will not cost so much if it is to reach the current level

 in Japan. The time to improve the performance and quality of CNC machine tool components has

 become a top priority for the development of China's machine tool industry.

    In order to achieve high performance, the ratio of the high-precision ball screw used in the drive of the

 machine tool produced in China has been greatly improved. At present, the ball screw used in the

 machine tool has low-cost domestically produced products, and also has imported products such as

 Japan and Europe with high precision. The use of imported products is often in machine tools that have

 high requirements for processing speed, accuracy, longevity and stability.

    As the speed of the machine increases, the use of the guide rails is also converted from sliding to

 rolling. In China, the use of sliding guide rails is still the majority due to the low speed of the machine

 tool and the manufacturing cost, but the number of machine tools using ball guides and roller guides is

 rising rapidly. Since the rolling guide has the advantages of high speed, long life, preloading, and

 convenient installation, with the improvement of machine tool performance and numerical control

 requirements, the increase of the use ratio of the rolling guide is an inevitable trend. (The moving speed

 of the machining center of the JIMT exhibition from 1996 to 2002 The number of units displayed on the

 left vertical axis and the moving speed of the horizontal axis machine tool) To improve the production

 efficiency of the machine tool, it is necessary to increase the speed of the machine tool.