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Learn About THK Rail Operation And Use
- Feb 13, 2019 -

Learn about THK rail operation and use

            Everyone knows that THK guides are closely related to our lives. Now, where can I see the

 existence of THK guides, because this is more and more people using THK guides, then when everyone

 is using THK guides, is it correct? What should I pay attention to during operation? The following small

 series introduces you to the operation of THK guide rails!


            The handling and use precautions for THK rails are as follows:


            First, lubrication

            1. When the product is shipped with anti-rust oil, please wipe off the anti-rust oil first, then use it

 after loading the lubricant.

            2. When used in oil lubrication, sometimes the oil does not enter the ball slot depending on the

 mounting state of the slider.


            Second, operation and use

            1. The interchangeable slider already has a state above the temporary axis. Please pay attention

 to the operation when assembling on the track.

            2.When any part of the 2THK rail is pulled unauthorised, dust may enter all parts, resulting in

 reduced combination accuracy. Therefore, if there is no special situation, please do not disassemble it


            3. Sometimes the slider will move as long as the track is tilted, but be careful not to let the slider

 off the track.

            4.THK rail standard end cap is made of plastic. Do not hit or collide to avoid damage