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Introduction Of THK Ball Spline Features
- Sep 26, 2018 -

THK ball spline uses the ball mounted in the spline to smoothly roll and transmit torque in the precision grinding rolling groove. THK's unique contact point design has a larger contact angle, in addition to height. The sensitivity of the external energy can greatly enhance the load capacity, and is suitable for an environment where the shock shock load is too large, the positioning accuracy is high, and the high-speed motion performance is required, and the effective effect can also be exerted in such an environment.
At the same time, when using the linear ball bushing in real time, the THK ball spline has a rated load ten times that of the linear bushing because of the same journal, so the design can be made very compact, even in the cantilever In the case of load, torque, etc., it can also be used safely and has high durability.