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Basic Guidelines For THK Slider Applications
- Sep 26, 2018 -

1. The personnel do not have some time to add some oil to the THK slider, so that the THK slider is always in a state of long-term damage, which will definitely reduce the use of the THK slider, often to THK. The slider adds some oil to make it run smoother while it is running.
2. No matter what is left in a place for a long time, some dust will fall on it. If it can't be disposed of in time, then put the THK slider on the machine, it will affect the correct value to a large extent. Output, so we often have to take some very soft cloth to wipe off some of the gray surface of the slider.
3. When installing, it is necessary to combine the THK slider and the hole of the machine. It is necessary to combine it well. When the machine is running, do not let the THK slider swing left and right, which will not only damage. The THK slider will also damage the machine, and the damage caused will be even more serious.
4, you must choose the right model of the THK slider, do not put the inappropriate THK slider on the machine, it will also cause both losses.