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THK Linear Rail Block SR 20

THK linear guides: SR15W, SR15WM, SR15V, SR15VM, SR20W, SR20WM, SR20V, SR20VM, SR25WY, SR25WMY, SR25VY, SR25VMY, SR30W, SR30WM, SR30V, SR30VM, SR35W, SR35WM, SR35V, SR35VM, SR45W, SR55W, SR70T, SR85T, SR100T, SR120T, SR150T

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THK linear guide:slider SR15 SR20 (spot stock)


THK radial type - THK linear guide type SR

The compact type with low cross-section height and ball contact structure with strong radial load is most 

suitable for LM guide of horizontal guide part.

  1. SR-W series:

    Flangless, Low Transfer Height, is the representative type of LM guide with small volume and large

    radial load capacity.

  2. SR-V series:

    Flangless, SR-W series of LM slider size shorter, space-saving model.

  3. SR-TB Series:

    Flanged, the same height dimension as the SR-W series, can be assembled from the bottom of the

    LM block.

  4. SR-SB series:

    Flanged,it reduces the size of LM slider of SR-TB series and saves space.


Install the of THK slider:

(1) Gently place the table on the LM block and do not completely lock the mounting bolts.

(2) The reference side of the LM block is brought into contact with the reference surface of the table side 

by the set screw to position the table.

(3) Fully tighten the mounting bolts on the reference side and the driven side to complete the installation.


The tightening sequence of the assembly bolts:

If done in a diagonal sequence, the table can be evenly fixed. This method does not require time for 

adjusting the straightness of the THK guide, and does not require machining for the fixed positioning pin, 

thereby greatly reducing the installation man-hour.


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