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Linear Rail Block THK SHW27

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Product Details

About THK SHW27, we offer you THK SHW27 price information, product size specifications, technical 

data,CAD data s,ample data service.

THK SHW27 details:

1.The LM rail uses a low-weight center structure with a large width and a 4-direction equivalent load type 

LM guide with excellent Mc torque.

2.The ball retainer eliminates the mutual friction of the balls, achieving low noise, good sound quality, 

long-term maintenance-free and excellent high speed.


THK SHW27 detailed parameter list:



THK SHW27 application range:

At present, our company's users are spread across all regions and industries. Such as: CNC machine tools,

 milling machines. Large milling machines, robot manufacturing, mining machinery, machinery 

manufacturing, railways, metallurgy, home appliance manufacturing and electromechanical industries. At 

the same time, our company is also absorbed by many groups and industries (such as machinery, 

petrochemicals, metallurgy, etc.) as members of the dedicated supplier or supply network.

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