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THK LM Guide Block RSR 12

THK RSR series miniature linear guides are special guides for electronic semiconductor industry. They are made of stainless steel and have corrosion resistance. They are suitable for dust-free and vacuum working environment.

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Structure and Characteristics of THK RSR Series Linear Guideway (All Steel Ball Type)



The steel balls are rolled along two rows of rolling surfaces which are precisely ground on LM track and 

LM slider, and the steel balls are circulated by the ball returner assembled on LM slider. Relying on THK's 

unique technology in material, heat treatment and lubrication, the maximum working temperature of RSR-

M1 miniature LM rolling guide for high temperature reaches 150 degrees.

1.Maximum operating temperature of THK RSR 12: 150 degrees

By using stainless steel in the ball returner and high temperature rubber in the end sealing baffle, the 

maximum working temperature can reach 150 degrees.

2. Dimensional stability of THK RSR 12

Due to dimensional stabilization, this type has excellent dimensional stability after being heated or cooled

 (please note the thermal expansion at high temperature).

3. High Corrosion Resistance of THK RSR 12

Because LM slider, LM track and steel ball all use stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance, THK RSR

 12 is most suitable for dust-free room.

4. THK RSR 12 High Temperature Oil

THK RSR 12 uses high temperature grease, which has little change in rolling resistance even if the 

temperature changes from room temperature to high temperature.

5. THK RSR 12 Miniaturization Design

In the limited stroke type of cross roller guide and linear rolling unit, the cage is most prone to problems, 

but in RSR/RSR-W type, the cage will not offset, thus realizing a high reliability and small linear motion 


6. THK RSR 12 can carry loads in all directions

THK RSR 12 can carry loads in all directions. For small moment loads, single-axle guides are adequate.

Especially RSR-W type increases the number of effective steel beads, widens the range of LM track, and

 improves the rigidity of resistance moment. Therefore, compared with the parallel use of a pair of linear

 ball bushes, it achieves a smaller structure and more durable linear movement.

7. THK RSR 12 also has stainless steel

LM slider, LM track and steel ball can also be made of stainless steel.

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