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THK Linear Guide Systems

Linear guide is also called line rail, slide rail, linear guide, linear slide rail, used for straight line reciprocating movement situation, has higher rated load, than the straight line bearing can bear a certain torque at the same time, can be achieved under the condition of the high load and high precision linear motion.

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We are TS GROUP (HK) LIMITED , a mutual linear motion products supplier in China, cooperating with THK 

factory, and offering large inventory of various type and model. 

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Our main products includes Linear guide rail, block, slide, precision ball screw, supports, cross roller 

bearings, ball screw bearings, screw module, rail slide module, linear shaft, linear bearings, precision 

angular contact bearings, etc.

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With the management priciples of customer orientation, quality first, continuous improvement and working 

enthusiasm, it is our duty to meet the needs of each industry. As to meet the needs of each capacity of 

mechanical industry, we get standard whole series of inventory ready.


THK Linear motion guide system in stock! HSR, SSR, SHS,SRS, SHW, HRW, SR,RSR,GST,HR. Welcome and look

 forward to you inquiry. Supply of goods are directly from the THK factory.




Linear guide application field:

1. Linear guide is mainly used in automated machinery, as Germany imported machine, paper bowl machine, 

laser welding machine and so on, of course, linear guide and straight axis is for the use of form a 

complete set.

2. Linear guide is mainly used on the high precision mechanical structure, between the moving components and

fixed components, there is no intermediate medium but rolling steel balls.

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