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Linear Block THK HSR65

LM guide (all steel ball) _HSR series is the main products of our company, which is the first product in the world to put linear rolling parts into practice.

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Product Details

LM guide (all steel ball) _HSR series makes it a reality to develop high speed machine tools with high precision, 

high rigidity, energy saving and long life.

HSR linear guide, also known as sliding track, linear guide and linear slide track, is used for linear

reciprocating movement. It has a higher rated load than linear bearing and can bear a certain amount of 

torque. It can achieve high-precision linear motion with high load and high efficiency and durability.



1.Model HSR Series includes:

Global Standard size Model HSR Series includes: HSR-A, HSR-LA, HSR-B, HSR-LB, HSR-R, HSR-LR, HSR-YR,


2.Delivery time of Model HSR65

It usually takes 4-7 working days to deliver.

3.Packing of Model HSR65

DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS, carton or wooden box by air or by sea according to your request.

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