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Installation of THK linear guides
- Sep 26, 2018 -

As a kind of linear guide rail, THK linear guide not only has the characteristics of guide rail, but also has its own performance characteristics. THK linear guide rail is made of the best bearing steel, which not only has good hardness and polishability of bearing steel. Excellent performance, and THK linear guide is a kind of precision parts, its dustproof device has better performance. When THK linear guide is spliced, it should be divided into three sections. The length of the three sections should be selected as much as possible, but try not to wait. Long, the same length will be the same position of the rails on both sides, which will affect the use effect. The spacing between the mounting holes on both sides of the middle two interfaces is as close as possible to the standard hole spacing. This is convenient to install, and the interface section can not be chamfered. The chamfer will cause a ditch in the ball raceway after docking, which will affect the operation.