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How can we solve the noise generated by THK linear guides?
- Sep 26, 2018 -

Such a problem that I want to solve must find the root cause of noise, in order to get a difficult solution. The reasons for the noise generated by the linear guide rail are as follows: firstly, different equipments require different preloading. Different preloading means that the matching clearance between the guide rail and the slider is different, and noise will occur; secondly, many rails are installed. At the time, because the punching is not accurate enough, the guide rail has already produced a slight deformation during the installation, so that the long-term use will generate noise, and if it is serious, the guide rail slider will be damaged quickly; again, the grease is lubricated. Different, the noise of the linear guide, etc. will be the noise generated by the THK straightness guide.
Finding the root cause of noise, it is easier to solve the noise on this basis. Just adjust the preload before the THK linear guide is used, and strictly follow the standard when installing the linear guide. This will not happen. The important thing is to use the special oil for linear guides, which can completely eliminate the noise of the linear guides, so that the best performance state can be exerted to create the maximum benefit.