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Dustproof measures for THK rails
- Sep 26, 2018 -

(1) Special gasket for linear motion system
In order to improve the dust-proof capacity, the sealing gasket made of special synthetic rubber with high wear resistance in each linear motion system, and the accessories such as lamination (contact stripper LaCS, etc.) and cleaning ring are used in harsh environments. Some models are equipped with special soft telescopic dust cover and special dustproof device. In addition, when it is necessary to use it in an environment that is susceptible to chipping and cutting fluid splashing, it is also necessary to provide dust protection for the ball screw at the same time. It is recommended to use a soft circular bellows to protect the entire system, or to use large expansion and contraction. Dust cover.
(2) Special telescopic dust cover
For the THK-LM Guide, a special telescopic dust cover is available.
In addition to THK linear guides, THK also manufactures special telescopic dust covers for other linear motion systems such as ball screws and ball splines. For details, please contact THK bearings.