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Do you know about THK linear guides?
- Sep 26, 2018 -

THK linear guides, also known as line rails, slide rails, linear slides, and linear guides, enable high-precision linear motion under high load conditions. This is because it has a higher rating than linear bearings. The load, while also bearing a certain amount of torque, is mainly divided into three types, square ball linear guide, double-axis core roller linear guide, single-axis linear guide.
The principle of THK linear guide, a simple understanding is a rolling guide, which is an infinite rolling cycle between the steel ball and the guide rail, so that the load platform can easily move linearly along the guide rail with high precision and reduce the friction coefficient. It is usually one-fifth of the traditional sliding guide, which achieves high positioning accuracy. Its function is to support and guide the moving parts to make linear reciprocating motion in the specified direction, interchangeable and self-aligning. Capability, and high rigidity in all directions, it allows for large loads, high walking accuracy, and high speed without gaps and light movement.