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THK DIR is a nut-rotating Ball Screw in which a defector-type ball screw nut is integrated with a support bearing.

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Structure and specialty of type DIR:

1. Standard lead nut rotary ball screw DIR type, is a single nut ball screw and supporting bearing integration of the nut rotary ball screw device

2. The nut is a steel ball cycle structure in which the ball moves along the groove of the circulator installed inside the nut to the adjacent rolling surface, and then circulates in the load area, thereby performing an infinite rolling motion.

3. As a dislocation preloading nut, in the central part of a single nut, the left and right threads are given a phase difference, so that the axial clearance reaches a negative value. Compared with the traditional double nut type, it is small and smooth and smooth.


The advantages of DIR are:

1. miniaturization

2. energy micropositioning

3. easy to establish precision

4. excellent balance skills

5. stability in low speed range

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