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THK DIK is a deflector-type Ball Screw in which the right and left screws are provided with a phase in the middle of the ball screw nut, and an axial clearance is set at a below-zero value (under a preload).

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DIK type is in the middle of the nut, to the left and right threads to phase difference, so that the axial clearance to reach a negative value (preloading state) of the ball screw, both small size, but also to achieve smooth movement。

Rotation performance of type DIK:

The preloading adjustment of single nut ball screw is a staggered preloading type which is adjusted according to the ball diameter. It is the most important contact angle deviation in the performance of ball screw without ball screw.

Size DIK:

Because the single nut ball screw is a pre-pressing structure without adjusting the piece, the full length of the nut can be shortened, thus realizing lightweight and compact structure.

Precision life of type DIK:

Single nut ball screw DIK type, although only a single nut, has the same preloading structure as the double nut type. Therefore, the increase of rotating torque and the generation of heat due to differential sliding or rotating phenomena are reduced, and the high precision can be maintained for a long time.

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