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THK Spline Shaft

The rolling spline shaft is a linear motion system.

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When the steel ball in the spline sleeve moves in a straight line through the precision grinding of the 

spline shaft, the torque can be transferred. Torque can be transmitted when the spline shaft moves in a 

straight line.


Spline shaft is a compact structure, can transfer excess load and power, and has a long life. Ball screw shaft

 is composed of screw, nut, ball and other parts of the mechanical components, its role is to change the

 rotating motion into linear motion or linear motion into rotary motion, it is a further extension of the 

traditional sliding screw development.



The profound significance of this development is the same as that rolling bearing brings about changes to

 sliding bearing. Ball screw pair is widely used in various industrial equipment, precision instruments and 

precision CNC machine tools because of its excellent friction characteristics. Especially in recent years, ball 

screw pair as a CNC machine tool linear drive execution unit, in the machine tool industry has been widely

 used, greatly promote the development of CNC machine tool industry.

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