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THK LM Guide Block RSR 9

THK RSR9 slider linear guide professional distribution In order to better meet the domestic and international end users and optimize our inventory, we adhere to the stock model THK RSR9 stock, and deliver the RSR9 spare parts during the first parking time of the equipment, which does not affect the operation of the equipment, and is more effective for the enterprise.

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Product Details
  1. What are our thk products?

Linear guide rail ,ball screw, linear bearings, ball spline, joint bearings,  cross roller bearing, cross rolling etc.


2.The meaning of the THK orbit suffix:

Indicates that the seal is: UU,SS ,DD , ZZ,  KK , GG, PP, SSHH, DDHH

QZ: Self-lubricating series

C0: radial preload

C1: radial preload

M1: high temperature resistance

Accuracy grade: normal grade (no mark), advanced (H), polished rice machine (P), super precision grade 

(SP), ultra-super precision grade (UP)

3.RSR, RSR-K, RSR-V series: 

This is the Standard model for ultra-small LM rails

RSR-WV series:

On the basis of RSR a V-shaped, the full length and width of the LM slider are widened, thus making it a 

large models with a large increase in the rated load and capacity of the listener pneumatic moment 

Rsr--x series: 

On the basis of RSR AV-shaped, the full length of the LM slider is lengthened, increasing the number of 

effective balls, thus greatly models that have increased the rated load 

RSRHLX series: 

On the basis of the RSR-W type, the length of the LM slider is long, increasing the number of effective 



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